Select19-10-2021 10:33:55WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release  
Select19-10-2021 09:21:42WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release  
Select18-10-2021 14:48:48WinPig 2021.2.7866.16332 Release  
Select18-10-2021 13:27:28WinOpti 2021.1.7726.34858 Release eXPORT
Select13-10-2021 11:02:08WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release  
Select13-10-2021 10:08:38WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release  
Select13-10-2021 10:07:17WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release  
Select13-10-2021 09:33:16WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release  
Select12-10-2021 07:37:56WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release åbner sokort via sonummer på løbelisten
Select9-10-2021 21:33:50WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release  
Select8-10-2021 13:57:28WinOpti 2021.2.7817.27834 Test  
Select8-10-2021 11:08:41WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release gruppekort bryder ned når jeg vil beregne uge 38 uge 37 og 39 fungerer OK ???
Select7-10-2021 22:35:38WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release  
Select7-10-2021 14:24:43WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release  
Select6-10-2021 13:56:40WinPig 2021.2.7866.16332 Release  
Select4-10-2021 11:26:29WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release ......
Select4-10-2021 08:08:07WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release  
Select1-10-2021 18:18:17BQPMovement 2020.3.7627.30769 I was trying to run the haulier report to a pdf
Select1-10-2021 10:05:55WinPig 2021.2.7866.16332 Release  
Select30-9-2021 14:41:17WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release trying to generate evira report
Select28-9-2021 15:04:07WinPig 2021.2.7923.20179 Release Making Evira report
Select27-9-2021 09:29:50WinOpti 2021.4.7937.15992 Internal When importing to a new multi in the Novades test. I get to choose multi and then##### Obviously something is missing on the multi, but what? That´s the question of life this fine monday morning just before a lengthy PM-meeting
Select27-9-2021 09:25:52WinOpti 2021.4.7937.15992 Internal  
Select27-9-2021 07:56:22WinPig 2020.4.7684.27898 Release  
Select25-9-2021 07:54:53WinPig 2020.4.7710.27133 Release